​How can I offer an asset finance solution to my customers?

As an Agri or Equipment supplier, you may be considering to offer your customers repayment options on your products. This is how First Citizen Finance can help your business. 

First of all, you need to know what the finance options available are. First Citizen Finance provides Hire Purchase and Leasing facilities. So, what are the differences? 

If your customer wants to purchase the equipment outright, our Non-Consumer Hire Purchase Agreement is the flexible and cost-effective alternative to overdrafts or term loans. The asset becomes their property when they have paid the final instalment and the completion fee due under the Agreement. 

With the First Citizen Non-Consumer Lease, the buyer gets the right to use the equipment over a set period at a fixed interest rate and with fixed payments for the duration of the lease period. At the end of the period, your customer has the option to keep the asset under a new leasing agreement, purchase the equipment or trade it in as a deposit against new equipment. 

Finance for asset / equipment depends on the type and age of the asset, credit criteria and terms and conditions may vary. Below is the range of assets financed by First Citizen Finance: 

  • Transport & Logistics – e.g. Trucks, buses, coaches, commercial vehicles, trailers, etc. 
  • Material Handling & Construction – Forklifts, loading shovels, dumpers, yellow plant, etc. 
  • Printing Equipment – printing equipment, industrial binding and print finishing equipment, etc. 
  • Manufacturing / Engineering / Retail – Motor garage equipment, CCTV systems, hydraulic lifts, gym equipment, etc. 
  • Medical – Diagnostic equipment, dental equipment, veterinary equipment, specialist beds, surgical instruments, etc. 
  • Renewable Energy – LED Lighting, wind (on-shore equipment), solar/PV roof or ground equipment, etc. 
  • Technology / Packaging – PCs, laptops, monitors, telephone systems, servers and mainframes, robotic pick and place equipment, customised packing machines, etc. 

What are the benefits for you as a vendor, supplier, or distributor? 

  • You get paid faster for your product 
  • Increase customer satisfaction, as most customers expect to see a monthly repayment option to be provided as part of the proposal
  • Increase deal sizes
  • Close more deals due to quick turnarounds 
  • Protect your customer's cash flow 

We guide you and your customer through the finance journey. At First Citizen, our vision is to offer real value, product options that suit your business, and excellent customer service. 


If you are a supplier based in the Republic of Ireland, talk to us and arrange an appointment today. We will then visit you and go through the various steps required to approve you as a business partner with First Citizen Finance. We have a nationwide team ready to assist you (find them here). Currently, we are dealing with over 250 Distributors / Suppliers / Dealers; all approved partners. 


If you are looking for funding solutions to your new or used equipment you can request a call back here and someone from our team will give you a call. 

Terms & Conditions Apply

Credit facilities (i.e. non-consumer hire purchase and lease agreements) are underwritten by First Citizen Agri Finance DAC. First Citizen Agri Finance DAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Citizen Finance DAC. First Citizen Finance DAC is a Retail Credit Firm and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. First Citizen Agri Finance DAC, which provides Agri Finance and Equipment Finance, is not regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Lending criteria, terms and conditions apply. Credit facilities are subject to repayment capacity and financial status and are not available to persons under 18 years of age. A minimum deposit may be required. A guarantor may be required. 

​How can I offer an asset finance solution to my customers?
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