Why should you start your car buying journey at your local SIMI dealership?

Buying a car, although very exciting, can be stressful. What type of car to buy? New or used? Petrol, hybrid, diesel or electric? Can I finance it? How much will my monthly repayments be? How much will the insurance cost me? There are so many questions and you might feel a little lost, but there is one place you can go to find the answers you need - your local SIMI dealer!

When you are considering where to buy your next car, we recommend going to your local SIMI dealership, where you will be covered by consumer protection laws. This means if something goes wrong with your car during the specified warranty period, you can always go back to your dealership and it can be resolved easily. If you buy privately you won’t have the same protection.

Buying a used car? Your local SIMI dealer will have done all the checks on your next used car in advance and will stand over what they sell. So again, if something goes wrong with your car you are covered and you can go back to obtain a satisfactory and fast solution.

When you find the car you are looking for, your dealer will inform you about the service history of the vehicle, determine the type of warranty available (if used car – new cars warranty is determined by manufacturer), recommend to you the best financial option and everything else you need to know about your next car.

If you have a pre-determined budget, you can also talk with your dealer and they can find good options that will fit your requirements.

Purchasing a car is the second biggest investment you will make in your lifetime, so at First Citizen Finance, we highly recommend you do your research in advance and remember to buy locally from a SIMI dealer.

If you already have a dealer and a car in mind we can help you with the finance options. Download our First Citizen Abacus mobile app here and get a quotation – link in with your local First Citizen Finance representative. We offer quotations based on finance amount and / or your monthly budget; so you choose the best option to suit your pocket.

Let’s Make It Happen!

Visit https://www.simi.ie/en/consumer-help/buying-a-car for more advice to anyone buying a car (new or used)

Why should you start your car buying journey at your local SIMI dealership?
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