First Citizen Finance DAC

Information for Customers where you are experiencing financial difficulties, or likely to experience financial difficulties

This information is provided for the benefit of all customers (Consumer, SME, and Corporate)

Please Contact Us At The Earliest Opportunity
If you anticipate that you may have difficulty or are in difficulty with meeting the required repayments on your First Citizen Finance (“First Citizen”) Agreement, we ask that you contact us immediately.

It is very important that you contact First Citizen at the earliest opportunity, so that we can identify the issues and work together to resolve them in a timely manner. In contacting us it will allow you to outline the problem, and allow First Citizen to advise what options may be available to you.

First Citizen has a team of experienced staff, who are responsible for dealing with any customer that may or has encountered financial difficulties and they can be contacted directly by calling 01 – 8846700 (Selecting option 3 from the menu).

Consider Seeking Independent Advice

First Citizen recommends that you also consider seeking independent advice if you feel that you are not in a position to resolve your financial difficulties. Support may be available to you from the following agencies:

Consequences of Agreements Going Into Arrears

Should your account go into arrears, or is in arrears (arrears being defined as payments not being made to First Citizen in accordance with the terms of repayment between the customer and First Citizen) you may face some, or all, of the following consequences:

Failure to maintain your repayments may affect your ability to access to credit facilities in the future.

Description First Citizen Finance Charge
Unpaid Direct Debit / Unpaid Cheque €10.00
FCF representatives call to customer premises €35.00
Collections letter (per item) €10.00
Payment book charge €31.74
Deferral fee €38.09
Reschedule fee €63.49
Tracing Agent Fee €65.00
Arrears Interest Charge Applied at same interest rate that governs the Agreement, to a maximum of 1% simple interest per month

These fees and charges may be minimised / avoided where you contact First Citizen and you seek to resolve the matter collaboratively.
What We Can Do To Assist
Please contact us at the earliest opportunity. At that stage, First Citizen will discuss the financial difficulties with you. Our staff are trained and experienced in discussing customer’s financial difficulties with them. There may be occasions where we can provide support in overcoming the problems – please call us to commence the process.

Appeals Procedure
In the event that you feel that First Citizen has not acted appropriately, or that you are not satisfied with the outcome of your contact with First Citizen, you may escalate the matter by contacting the Head of Compliance, at the contact address provided below.

Contact Us
Any queries / issues that you may have can be raised with us directly by contacting:

Collections Manager
First Citizen Finance DAC
Bloom House
Gloucester Square
Dublin 1

Phone: 01-8846700

First Citizen Finance DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland